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About Eureka Cartography and Our Mapmakers
Professional mapmakers in business since 1983 - specialists in custom mapmaking and excellent customer service.  Custom cartography is our focus - maps for any purpose, at any scale, in any media. Digital cartography requires an understanding of client's needs, map data, graphic design and project management.
Whatever the mapmaking project: city maps, wall maps, interactive maps, magazines, laminated maps, books, real estate brochures, marketing maps, custom or replica globes, war maps, pocket maps, folded maps, water resistant maps, territory maps, museum exhibits, toys, etc... our mapmakers artfully merge geographic data with effective map design to work in any target media and setting.
Our mapmakers are specialists in digital cartography
Our cartographers are tech-savvy geographers with experience in graphic design, book design, web design, printing and typography. Plus, Eureka's mapmakers are specialists in digital cartography so they know how to find the right geographic facts, create a map index, design a map folding pattern or geocode your client list - whatever the job requires. Eureka has been recognized for excellence in digital cartography with a number of awards.

We understand project and data management
From initial concept through final delivery, our experience smoothes the process of mapmaking. Whether it is a single map or an entire atlas, Eureka's staff manages each step with care.

Based in Berkeley, California, the company was one of the first commercial mapping companies in the world to automate custom cartography. In-house systems have been expanded and upgraded as technology has evolved. Our production computers employ the latest desktop mapping, GIS, data conversion, geocoding, image manipulation and layout software. Servers backup client projects daily for protection and all archives are transferred weekly for offsite storage.

Eureka's commitment to quality is evident in all our delivery maps as well as the number of clients who have been with us for 20 years or longer
Each custom cartography job goes through a formalized project management process tailored to the client's requirements and deadlines. Job parameters are identified and a cost estimate is prepared. Once approved, sources are acquired, as necessary, and the first draft of the map is made. After a client review, changes are made before the final map is sent for final client sign-off.

SmartCo Wine Passport, map by Eureka Cartography

Questions about Custom Maps?
Call (510) 845-6277 and ask for Stace Wright or email us at

California State Parks selected Eureka to produce more than 50 park maps for visitors.
California State Park brochure maps by Eureka Cartography

USDA Forest Service contracts with Eureka Cartography to produce forest and visitor maps.
USDA Forest Service

AC Transit contracts with Eureka Cartography to produce complex bus route
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit

A Paddler's Guide

Topography can be added

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