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How well do you know Berkeley?

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version of the Berkeley Map.

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A.  Marin Circle Fountain.  The city's first public work of art in the Northbrae area, the fountain was built in 1911, destroyed in 1958 by a runaway truck, and rebuilt in 1996 after a grassroots fundraising campaign.  Located on map at E-11.

BMural on Bay Recording building at Alcatraz and Ellis (facing Ellis). Located on map at P-11

C.  The Berkeley Rose Garden. Built under the Works Progress Administration and completed in 1937, each terrace showcases a different color, beginning with red at the top, continuing with orange, pink, yellow and white at the bottom.  Located on map at F-12.

D Entrance Gates to the Uplands neighborhood, at the intersection of The Uplands and Claremont Ave.  Located on map at N-15.

E.  Cement Slide at Cordonices Park.  This 40 foot slide is the highlight of a city park with hiking trails, basketball and tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, swings and playlot.  Located on map at F-13.  

FDreamland for Kids.  Located at Aquatic Park along the Amtrak line and built by over 2000 volunteers, the park is a fantasy playground designed by Berkeley school children with a wooden fort theme.  Located on map at L-6.

G.  Adventure Playground.  Kids in sturdy shoes paint, hammer, saw, build forts, ride a zip line.  Registration required.  Located on map at K-3.

H.  "Four steel cows with distinctive personalities".  Come see Elsie, Ferdinand, Laxmi and Kali along the Ohlone Greenway at Northside Avenue near Gilman, created by Amy Blackstone and installed in 2002.  Located on map at G-8.

I.  "Oceana".  Installed on the surface of the UC Storage building, Ken Kalman's creation reflects sea life of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean, including turtles, salmon, seagulls, an albatross, kelp.  Located on Shattuck at Ward, on map at L-12.

J"Ancisco", Painted egrets fly past this reflected view of Emeryville mudflat driftwood sculptures in John Wehrle's mural on the side of Toot Sweet Berkeley.  Located at the corner of Gilman and Santa Fe, on map at F-8.

KIndian Rock Park.  Dedicated as a park in 1917, these rocks provide great views and challenges for beginning rock climbers.  Located on map at D-11.

L.  "The Guardian". Created by Fredric Fierstein and placed at the Berkeley Marina without city approval.  Alas, too heavy to move again, it stays.  Located on map at K-3.

M. "HERETHERE". Installed in 2005, this sculpture by Steve Gillman and Katherine Keefer sits near the Berkeley-Oakland border, suggesting that when you're "HERE", you're in Berkeley, while "THERE" is in Oakland.  Intended to be viewed by passing motorists.  Located on map at P-11.

N. The Albert Miller Memorial Clock. On the UC Berkeley Campus near California Hall.  Located on map at J-13.

O. Ohlone Mural.  Part of the West Berkeley Rail Stop, the murals painted by John Wehrle in 2006 are located under the University Avenue overpass at 4th Street.  Located on map at J-6.

P. St. John's Presbyterian Church and Center.  Located on map at L-14.

Q. Willard Gym Mural.  Painted by Osha Neumann and Brian Thiele, the mural was in the process of accidentally being painted over in 1998 when concerned parents and neighbors called a halt.  The main portion of the mural could not be restored, but the original artists were able to save and even add interest to the remnant, by suggesting that the covering paint could be peeled back.  Located on map at L-13.

R. I-80 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge from Aquatic Park.  Opened in 2002, the bridge allows walkers and cyclists to safely cross Interstate 80 to reach the Berkeley Marina attractions.  Located on map at K-5.

S. "Calliope". Completed in 1982 by Joe Slusky, the colorful structure was restored in 2004 and welcomes visitors to the Berkeley Marina.  Located on map at K-4.
Berkeley Map Cover
Eureka Cartography is proud and happy to provide this FREE map to citizens and visitors of Berkeley.

As you can see from our website we've made maps for clients all over the world for nearly 30 years. It's a great pleasure to self-publish a map of our own town, one that we can adapt and improve over the years. Call (510) 845-6277 or email us at to get a copy.

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