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A good city map is easy to read and accurate while providing the map reader a true sense of a town.

Experience: Eureka has produced thousands of street-level and arterial-level city maps for map publishers, guidebook publishers, Chambers of Commerce, Covention and Visitors Bureaus, magazines, websites, telephone directories and authors. Some are tiny locator maps of a section of a city, others are as large as a wall. We can handle your whole job, the map, the layout and the printing. We can help you determine the right size and manufacturing option for your project. Your map can be a folded sheet map, a wall map, a tear-off pad map, we can get it printed on a dry erase board, mounted on foam core, framed, or as a large banner, it's up to you. We can broker the printing or manufacturing for you or provide files to a printer of your choice. We are flexible and cooperative in working with your designers and printers, or we can do it all ourselves.

Pricing: To price a city map we consider city size, coverage area, design, content, final size and output. Other than city size, content (level of detail) may be the most important factor in determining price. City map content may include points of interest, parks, schools, zip codes, block numbers, neighborhood names, community names, airports, shopping areas, restaurants and museums. City maps may include all streets if the final scale of the map permits or only the major streets (called arterials) if a broader area is to be mapped in a small space.  Mapping all the streets is important for use while driving in residential areas. Major streets are fine for finding most businesses or for general metro or regional mapping needs. Call us to discuss your project (510) 845-6277, ask for Stace Wright.

With the advent of Web based and GPS way-finding people are more dependant on maps than ever before. No longer does word of mouth suffice to get kids to the soccer field, not only an address but a satellite image and lat/long coordinates are standard. Maps have become more important than ever as the number of daily map users has skyrocketed. As an advertising tool the city map remains invaluable, especially to smaller communities. So while we may find our way online, we find our place with something we can hold and behold. The retail street mapping industry may be down, but the ad-based and Chamber map market is on the rise!

Click on images from the gallery below to see samples of city maps, street maps and community maps created for Eureka's clients.

San Francisco Downtown from a full SF Street Map

Detailed Community Map of Florida

Downtown Huntington Beach

Boston arterial visitor guide map
Large Display Map in Downtown Kiosk
Large Display Map in Downtown Kiosk
Japanese, Kanji Maps
Tokyo in Japanese and English

Phoenix Metro Map

Emeryville, California letter-sized pad maps

Oahu/Diamond Head street map

Community Map

Hotel map for guests

Orlando Florida street map for visitors
Chicagoland Regional Wall Map
Chicagoland Regional Wall Map

Chicago city street map
Chicago Illustrated 3D buildings
Chicago with 3D buildings on a 2D base
Points of interest in Gilbert, AZ area for Chamber Directory
Points of interest in Gilbert, AZ area for Chamber Directory
Downtown Minneapolis Bird's Eye Perspective
Downtown Minneapolis

Detail of Oakland and Emeryville from East Bay Base Map

Denver visitor guide map

Soldotna, Alaska Street Map

Tahlequah Oklahoma city street map

Community map near San Jose

Big Bear Lake

Kansas City metro map

Midland Texas city street map

West Berkeley neighborhood map

Kirksville Missouri Chamber of Commerce city map

Berkeley City Map from the West
Central Harlem
Central Harlem detail map
Vicksburg, MS Downtown Map
Vicksburg, MS Downtown Map

Dalhart, TX small community map

Midland Street Detail with Block Numbers

Multiple adjacent cities

Thurston County Chamber Map

South Belt Ellington Street map

Real Estate Neighborhood Map
Manhattan Map
MANHATTAN MAP This highly detailed map can be customized to fit your needs, we have the whole island with this level of detail. Take all are just part, remove data, change colors call or email to discuss details.

NYC Bike Map

Manhattan city map


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