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Portfolio: Custom Globes
Eureka Cartography creates custom artwork for gored and plastic formed world globes. Custom globes include large world globes, museum exhibit globes, corporate office globes, classroom globes, marketing globes, childrens' globes, political globes – any design, media or size. Using specialized software, precise geographic databases, and proprietary design techniques, each globe is unique. Digital globe design insures an accurate and up-to-date result. Whether political, juvenile or antique, each is engineered for legibility, market appeal and manufacturing success. Eureka has fabricated globes sized from 3 inches to 6 feet in diameter.

Globe Replication
In the Fall of 2010 Eureka was contacted by the American Geographic Society's President, Professor Jerome Dobson and asked if we could produce 12 exact replicas of their historic "Fliers' and Explorers' Globe." http://www.amergeog.org/globe.htm. At first we weren't positive it could be done, but we had a plan. In early 2011 we traveled to New York City to see the globe first hand, to meet with AGS and to firm relationships with the best subcontractors for the project. Renowned globe artisan Todd Ulrich would handle the manufacturing and New York's finest still life photographer Alex Cao the photography. We returned to Berkeley with a plan for the process and a team of experts on board. The funding for the project was being arranged by the grandson of aviation pioneer and globe signee Valery Chlakov, "The Russian Lindberg". Negotiations between all parties began and contracts were drawn up. Eureka began work in the summer of 2011. The first replica was unveiled at a ceremony at the AGS convention in New York in February 2012. Eureka owners Stace Wright and Mark Williams were in attendance.

The Fliers' and Explorers' Globe

7 replica globes ready to ship
Please note: Globe replication is a complex, precision-oriented process costing thousands, not hundreds of dollars.

More on Custom Globes - Eureka has technology to create the artwork and the right partners to fabricate custom world globes in all sizes with nearly any design. Call 510-845-6277 and ask for Stace to discuss custom or replica globe projects. Here are just a few of our custom globes:


The McCaw Globe - a 6' Custom Globe This globe combines satellite imagery with antique-style gold text — elegantly finished and delivered for display on a private yacht.

Explore Technology - Odyssey,"the talking globe" The first interactive globe with a touch-sensitive surface, including world geography, distance calculations, music and games.

Educational Insights - Geosafari globes were developed as educational toys sold in large retail outlets like Target. The plastic globe measured 10" in diameter.

Leap Frog
- The Explorer Globe was the second generation of the Odyssey Globe with many enhancements in design and content. "The Explorer is elegant and irresistible" — SF CHRONICLE

Educational Insights/Explore-A-Toy - The GeoSafari Junior Talking Globe teaches geography to ages 6-10 through an interactive game on the base. The globe is a full size 12" diameter.

Eureka Globes - In the late 90's we created our own high end globe line. 22 models were developed by Eureka Cartography for the decorative globe market. Unfortunately we no longer produce these masterpieces for the retail market, but we do own and maintain the artwork and may someday produce this line again. For sample images give us a call 510-845-6277



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