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Every vibrant Downtown needs good kiosk maps

California State Park brochure maps by Eureka Cartography

Portfolio: Locator Maps: presentational and promotional

Maps: Powerful metaphors of positive images

Maps are a natural metaphor for showing market position, whether within a metro area or nationwide.  You can decide what is included, how it is portrayed and what is omitted – all to support the story your business needs to tell. It can be as simple as showing business locations within a region to help clients find you or including a map image for a background as a metaphor for geographic reach. 

Eureka specializes in Hotel Maps at all sizes and scales. A few samples can be seen below but really anything is possible. Pricing is a function of coverage area, content and design requirements, final size and quantity. Whether you want to add text and photos to a two-sided letter size map or create small locators for hotels across a state, region or country we can handle your map production.

We can create maps at any size and on nearly any material. Ask about presentation graphics, printing on adhesive vinyl, backlighting, glass, sintra and many other media can make your map a special feature of any room.

We understand that the map you order is a function of matching your vision and your budget we can help you make that happen.

Call 510-845-6277 and ask for Stace to discuss any project!

Click on images from the gallery below to see samples of advertising and presentation maps created for Eureka's clients.

Napa Valley Winery Map

Hotel map - downtown Oakland

Manhattan hotel locator with theaters

New jersey Wedding Map

State Regional hotel locator

Aspen hiking and biking map

Lamorinda Real Estate Map
Real Estate Map in the DC area
Real Estate Map in the DC area

Massachusetts Real Estate Map

Book Fair Map

County Hotel locator with text

Commercial real estate map of Cleveland

Las Vegas Convention Map
Neighborhood Feature Map
Neighborhood Feature Map

Camp Locator Map

Commercial real estate subdivision map

Tradeshow advertising display map

Brochure size business locator Map for Discover

Electric car rental map

Quarry business locator maps

Downtown Seattle neighborhood map

Metro map with multiple business location insets
San Francisco Perspective Map
San Francisco Perspective Map
Honolulu Illustrative Bike Map
Honolulu Illustrative Bike Map

4 Borough Arterial Road Map
Bay Area Hotel feature sheet
Bay Area Hotel feature sheet

Bay Area overview hotel locator

New Orleans Location Map

Vineyard locator map

Los Angeles courthouse locations map

Bike rental Map of Manhattan/Brooklyn
Medical Facilites in Manhattan
Medical Facilites in Manhattan

Multiple hotel locations map

Lexus/resorts promotional US map

Latin American hotels guide map

Suburu advertising map of Western US


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