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"When Europe Went Mad" by Terence T. Finn
"Breaking Trail" by Arlene Blum
"A Storm in Flanders" by Winston Groom
"Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla" by Peter Liem & Jesús Barquín
"Clementa" by Jim Martin
"Sequoia Groves of California" by Dwight Willard
"Made in China" by Polly Caldwell
"Universal Orlando" by Kelly Monaghan & Seth Kubersky
"Roadmap to Revenue" by Kristin Zhivago
"The Almanac of Hunger and Poverty in America" by America's Second Harvest
"Escape from Paradise" by John & May Chu Harding

Portfolio: Custom Maps for Print Publishing 

Custom street maps • community maps • state maps • US maps • world maps • textbooks • books • magazines • destination maps • visitor maps • concierge/hotel maps • trail maps

Custom street maps, custom metro maps, custom state maps - whatever the geography needed, publishers, editors, authors and product developers recommend our custom map services. Our experience shows - whether it is a single map or an entire publication, our clients are proud of the maps we produce.

We specialize in maps for books!

Whether you are self-publishing or working with another group we can create the maps you need and provide them at the right resolution and format that your publisher and printer demand. Quit worrying just call  510-845-6277 and ask for Stace, he'll get things back on track. We understand the process and can get what's in your mind into your book. This doesn't just apply to authors and publishers of books. People who create games, puzzles, textbooks, magazines, atlases, directories needing high quality, accurate and creative maps all come to Eureka for top customer service and timely production. 

Of course we also understand the process of map sheet layout, folding patterns, cover design, map research, data acquisition, map design, map indexing and preparation for printing. We can help you develop your print specifications (paper, inks, folding patterns and packaging) or have the printing done for you by one of our experienced printers. Clients always review the map and approve the final files before any printing is ordered.

When it is time to update, Eureka also provides fast and efficient services to our clients.

Click on images from the gallery below to see samples of printed maps created for Eureka's clients.

Aspen hiking and biking map

Ethiopia Mountain Ranges

Thirteen Original Colonies - Textbook map

Napa Valley Winery Map

New Orleans Holiday Map
Napa Valley AVA's
Napa Valley AVA's

Big Bear Lake

San Antonio Riverwalk visitor map

New Jersey Wedding Map

Monterey Peninsula visitor map for CVB

Las Vegas Convention Map

West Africa Regional Map featuring Ghana

County Overview

Susquehanna River Map

Medium sized housing development in Southern California

Asia map for hotel directory guide

Four Corners USA

Riverside County development promotional map

National Parks of the West map

Photo map of Denali for book by Arlene Blum

Europe - wine guide publication

Napa/Sonoma wine country map

Waikiki satellite image map of hotels and points of interest
Early Inhabitants of the Southwestern US
Early Inhabitants of the Southwestern US

The attack on Pearl Harbor

Ancient Nanking for Polly Caldwell's book

Civil War Battles - Virginia 1861-1865
Civil War Battles - Virginia 1861-1865

San Luis Obispo regional wineries map

Tiny Yosemite National Park map for article

Silk Road textbook map
Central Harlem
Central Harlem detail map
Vicksburg, MS Downtown Map
Vicksburg, MS Downtown Map

Virgin Islands map from small atlas

Hotel map - Silicon Valley/San Jose metro

Tripoli for a book by Ethan Chorin

Napolean's Battles map for book

Mt. Everest map for book

Scotland - 1 color map antique style for book

WW I Western Front 1914 map for book by Winston Groom

WW I - Ypres 1915 battles map for book

Mexico City invaded by the US Army during the Mexican-American War
Libya for a book
Libya for a book
Libya for a book


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