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Portfolio: Custom Recreation, Travel & Visitor Maps

How do cartographers capture the essence of a place to emphasize what is important to the traveler? Eureka has produced hundreds of maps for guidebooks, local visitor magazines, websites, adventure tours, books and signposts. We are experts. It can be a 3-D image of or a softly colorized map of a winery tour or a terrain map of interesting trail.
A custom topographic map can help a visitor focus on just the features most relevant to the message. If it is a city walking tour, why not show special points of interest along the way or neighborhood names?  If it is a successful, the map reader will keep it and refer to it over and over, even after the trip is complete.

Click on images from the gallery below to see samples of recreation, travel and visitor maps created for Eureka's clients.

Aspen hiking and biking map

Coronado Island Kayak Map with San Diego in the background

Paddler's Guide to the St Joseph's River

Big Bear Lake

New Orleans Holiday Map

Midtown Manhattan visitor guide map

Favorite Fishing Spots

County Hotel locator with text

Skiing in the Appalachian Mountains
Central Harlem
Central Harlem detail map

Houston Hotels

Las Vegas Convention Map

Triathlon course map

Los Angeles area visitor guide map

Vicksburg Dining Guide

Susquehanna River Map

Santa Monica attractions map

Regional Transport Map

Puerto Rico visitor maps

Hotel Map ~10 mile radius

State Regional hotel locator

County Overview

Lake Tahoe region motorcycle touring map

Hotel map - guest services guide

Washington DC street map for visitors

Mount Diablo Contour Map

Los Angeles Hotel Map
Bay Area Hotel feature sheet
Bay Area Hotel feature sheet

San Jose downtown visitor guide map

Northern California driving map for visitors

Alameda Contra Costa County Bus map

New Orleans visitor map

Trail map for Giant Sequoia Groves

Virginia's Piedmont Region guidebook map

Pacific Beach, San Diego visitor map by Eureka Cartography

Hotel map


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