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Portfolio: Custom Maps for Websites

Eureka creates custom maps for websites. Maps tell a story like no other text, image or illustration. Websites may require a single map or a set - styled to integrate with the rest of the site. Web maps may be simple or dynamic with hotspots, layers and multiple zooms. Often your web designer will have the tools to make the map image we provide work for you it's just a matter of getting them the map they need. However if you need us to provide solutions for your website we can help with that too.

Maps are excellent tools to guide customers to a store or office, to illustrate market territories, to highlight a location or display geographic distributions. They can be "just the facts" kinds of maps or highly stylized to evoke a specific feeling or message. When adapting maps designed initially for print it is best to simplify and enlarge type, eliminate unnecessary detail, and optimize final compression to produce clear, legible and quick web maps.

Interactive Maps

Do you want a map for your web site that moves? Do you want pop-ups with links for your locations? Do you want your map to work on multiple media players and cross platforms? Do you want a map that works as an app that can be used on a smart phone? Are you interested in maps that work off related databases or update from your excel files? We can meet most any digital, online and interactive requirement. With our years of custom map design and production we can do it better than most strictly coding alternatives. If you want to do it right and with style contact us. There are many, many possibilities with interactivity. Here are a few samples, but really anything is possible.

Bellevue Collection Store Directory (Click on "Interactive Map")
Central Park
Indianapolis International Airport (Check out the "Routing" feature!)

If your curious please call (510) 845-6277 ask for Stace.

Click on images from the gallery below to see a few samples of web maps created for Eureka's clients.

Terence T. Finn's Battle for Normandy
Terence T. Finn's Battle for Normandy

Los Angeles scenic drive

San Diego County air quality web map

Central CA topography map

A typical State Map from our National Base Map

Pacific Beach, San Diego - map by Eureka Cartography

Western US/Canada terrain map

Transportation link proposal map

Satellite coverage maps

Amazon Basin map of environmental projects

Santa Cruz city map for real estate website

New Orleans Location Map

Southwest Texas Oil and Gas Map
San Diego County Beach Access
San Diego County Beach Access
Baltimore Regional with mileage rings
Baltimore Regional with mileage rings

Three Gorges Dam in China

Salmon Research Centers in Kamchatka

Annapolis museum map for website

Sales Territory Web Map

Smoky Mountain Region


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