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Vinyl sign map showing parking lot locations

Print on hard sintra and mount to the wall

Satellite images aren't cheap but they can be effective

Outdoor map signage at an Amtrak station
Klutz Press State Quarters book
Dog biscuits with a map inside!

Portfolio: Custom Specialty Maps

Really all maps are specialty maps as they each tell their own story. We hope this page opens your imagination to the wide range of designs and services Eureka can provide. We are first and foremost geared toward our clients needs. You'll see transit maps, bike maps, relief maps and illustrative drawings all on this page. The point is we can create whatever you need, we just have to figure out what that you imagine and then see if that matches your budget and time frame. As you can see from the variety below whatever you have in mind Eureka can make your map!

Making the map is one part of the process for a lot of clients, getting it manufactured is another. Eureka can get your map printed in many ways. On vinyl, mounted in a light box, on hard sintra, lamination, on dry erase board... the possibilities are many. See some examples on the left side of the page, but don't be afraid to ask for what you really want, we just might be able to make it happen.

Click on images from the gallery below to see samples

NYC Bike Map
Downtown Minneapolis Bird's Eye Perspective
Downtown Minneapolis

Illustrations of locations
Blazing Saddles
San Francisco Bike Rental Map

Another SF Bike Map

Bishop O'Dowd's livable lab


Favorite Fishing Spots

Detailed development map

Los Angeles regional puzzle map

Photos are great additions to many maps

Coronado Island Kayak Map with San Diego in the background

Triathlon course map

Big Bear Lake
Chicago Illustrated 3D buildings
Chicago with 3D buildings on a 2D base

Military Institutions Wall Map shows most of the major active bases in the US

Waterloo Bird's Eye Perspective Map

Sightseeing Tours

Las Vegas Strip map - illustrated hotels and casinos

California mountains in illustrative style

West Africa Regional Map featuring Ghana

Skiing in the Appalachian Mountains

St George Island

The Home Ranch brochure Map
A watercolor map of San Leandro Bay
A watercolor map of San Leandro Bay
A map for an Antarctic explorer's wall
A map for an Antarctic explorer's wall

Fallen Leaf Lake for home display

Illustrative map for children's game

Manding Plateau in Mali for the History Channel

Jesuit High Schools in the World

Basin and range topography

Asian Ports
Asian Ports

Medium sized housing development in Southern California

Bike, Bus and Public Services Map
Pencil sketch colorized in photoshop
Pencil sketch colorized in photoshop

Las Vegas Convention Map

2D Campus map

Big Bear Lake
San Francisco Illustrative Map
San Francisco Illustrative Map
Chicagoland Regional Wall Map
Chicagoland Regional Wall Map
Napa Valley AVA's
Napa Valley AVA's


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