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Need a paper USGS topo map?

Call 1-800-USA-MAPS

Need a paper map for a trip?

Try a local map store or book store and if you need to see it before you buy it.  Otherwise, try one of the online map store sites.

Need a map for a wedding?

First ask the venue if they have maps for you. A custom map for a wedding is sometimes too pricey but give us a call we'll try to make it work for you

Outdoor map signage at an Amtrak station

San Luis Obispo, Explore California website, map by Eureka Cartography

San Luis Obispo wineries map detail

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where does the information for a custom map come from?
We have thousands of digital base map files to start from or map data may be acquired from public and private sources for a particular customized map project.  Sometimes clients provide data (customer addresses or other geographic data) to be integrated with other map databases. Learn more about digital map files.
How long does it take?
A simple map illustration for a report can often be done in less than a day but in contrast, a detailed street map could take 5-15 days of labor. Whatever your deadline we will try to make it happen for you.  

What does it cost?
Prices are based on labor and materials which will vary depending on the map requirements for detail and style.  We often have a map file that is very close to what a client needs so in that case, we can "rent" it to you at a lower price than if the map has to be created for the first time. 
How do I get an estimate?
You are welcome to call us at 510-845-6277 or fill out the form to request a quotation by email.
Do you handle the printing of maps for clients?
Yes, we use a select group of printers who have experience with maps. Depending upon the quantity,  desired materials, schedule, destination and budget, we get bids and manage the printing process for clients needing the service.  Otherwise, the client is free to arrange printing services.  

What about unusual fabrications?

We have experience in a number of special materials - maps on vinyl for signage, backlighted maps for exhibits, pin-lighted maps for displays, boardroom-sized maps, ruggedized maps for outdoor signs, mounted maps for marketing, plastic "paper" printed maps, laminated maps, framed maps and more. Tell us what you need and we'll figure it out.
Is it possible to put our company information on your SealMaps to market our services?

Yes, SealMaps (laminated, folded state and city maps sold in retail stores) may be ordered with special covers, logos, personal contact information, insets and other marketing information - minimum order: 1500 units. Call for price quotes.

Are maps copyright protected in print and on the web?
Yes. For more information, see Map Copyright information.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar map store?


What is your address?

Eureka Cartography
2034 Blake St #9
Berkeley, California 94704
Do you get any unusual requests?
How about a detailed world map done for a vinyl shower curtain?  Or a large globe designed to spin on the top of slot machine?  Or an imaginary place with place names like "Isle of Lucy" to entertain kids on car trips?  Or a murder scene map including the body and the bullet casings?  Just a few examples of memorable projects at Eureka. We've worked for all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas from all over the world.

Questions about Custom Maps?
Call (510) 845-6277 or email us at

Washington DC visitor guide map

Airline route map

Section from Chicago city street map

Custom city maps can highlight unique points of interest
Orlando visitor map detail

Guidebooks depend on custom maps to match the editorial content of the book.
Compass American Guide: Virginia, numerous maps by Eureka Cartography


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