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Eureka Cartography provides custom maps for hundreds of clients worldwide. We are custom mapping specialists - if it is a map, globe or atlas we can design and produce it for any application or media. No custom mapping project is too large or too small for our staff of professional mapmakers and geographers. We have experience with many manufacturing and printing processes and can consult, subcontract and manage all parts of your project.

Since 1983, we have provided the best in custom mapping services and project consultation. We are fast, accurate, creative and reliable. We will be here when you need us down the road.

Use our web site to view samples of our work and hopefully narrow the scope of your project. Please note that the work seen here is definitely not all inclusive. We can make any map so knowing your time frame and budget is important to help determine what we can make for you. Find something that matches what you have in mind in some way and we'll be off to a good start..

Comments from Eureka clients:
"Eureka was the best thing that happened to this project."
"My boss loves the map, amazing, thanks!"
"Your maps brought my book to life."
"It has been a total pleasure working with Eureka."

We enjoy a challenge - contact us to discuss your project. We are willing to take on things that others can't or won't try. We are willing to subcontract as needed to give you the ease of dealing with one contact and contractual obligation. We are resourceful and most of all we are on your side. Get your project done with quality. The best place to start is with an email quote request or a phone call. Call (510) 845-6277 and ask for Stace Wright, or email us at

The Berkeley Map
the Berkeley Map

Click on the Berkeley Map above for answers to the How Well Do You Know Berkeley Quiz and to view the digital version of the Berkeley Map created by Eureka Cartography in November 2012.

Want to create a map like this for your town? Call us we can help! There are lots of business models and lots of opportunities. Call us to discuss the various options and to figure out what works best for you and your town or city. No place is really too big or too small, just depends on what works best for you.

Call (510) 845-6277 and ask for Stace Wright, or email us at

Complicated road networks

Topography can be added

Modern Africa in an antique style

Mark your place with style.

Illustrations add charm

Design your own world view
Design your own world view

Physical geography as art


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