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Wall maps from our archives blend art and science, offering endless fascination and contemplation. These colorful wall maps are selected from our superb collection of digital maps - perfect for home, office or that special gift. Select the wall map you wish and give us a call or email us.  Be sure to make note of the title. Each map is generated on a high resolution, large format ink jet plotter. They are suitable for laminatin
g or mounting, in fact there are many manufacturing possibilities — call us to discuss the best way to display and use your map.

Pricing: $25 per square foot — $150 minimum.  A 2' x 3' map is 6
sq. ft or $150 plus shipping. A 3' x 4' map is 12 sq. ft. or $300. Add lamination for an additional $5 per sq. ft. We are required to charge sales tax to California residents.

Fast service - orders are usually plotted and shipped within a week. We offer overnight FedEx shipping for an additional fee. Normal shipping is U.S.P.S. for $15.

Please note that the pricing mentioned above only applies to the maps shown below.

Of course we can alter these maps any way you'd like... it just costs more. We can also create a wall map from any of our other existing databases or produce something completely new for you. Making new wall maps is a major part of our business here at Eureka so don't be afraid to ask for what you really need  — just call anytime to discuss your project and get an estimate 510-845-6277.


Big, beautiful map prints: Color inkjet plotters allow us to produce a single print of a digital map on demand.The map may be enlarged up to 80" x any length in case you have a really large wall space to fill.The colors are rich and even, text is crisp and easy to read and paper quality exceeds standard printer's paper.These inks are engineered to resist fading in all lights.

No more searching for rolled maps in office supply stores - select the map you want and tell us the size you need. No folds, no commercial advertisements, no compromises.

No Limitations: While the least expensive and fastest way to get your map may be to pick from the selection below and have us print and ship directly, it's not the only way. Eureka can produce nearly any map and get it printed at nearly any size, including banners. We can get your map mounted, laminated, framed, printed on a vinyl banner you name it, we can figure it out. We can even get your map printed directly on a dry erase board or hard sintra board. Whatever your mapping need just let us know, we are ready to help you with solutions. Call 510-845-6277 for consultation and estimates just ask for Stace.

How to view the maps in detail: Click on a map to see it enlarged in our special map viewer. If you are interested in a map but want to view it even more clearly just email to and we'll email you back a jpeg of the area you need to see.

World wall map in antique style with parchment color oceans

Detailed world map in soft colors

World map using 18th century style with current geography

World Map available in Dutch, German and French

This colorful political World Map features bathymetry. The aspect ratio on this map is a convenient 2:1

United States wall map with interstate highways - antique style

United States wall map with US Interstates

Skiing resorts in the US

Canada 34" wide or larger

North America

US State Capital Map, great for classrooms.

Oregon Wall Map

Major US military bases and airports
USA Regional Wall Maps
USA Base Map. We have the entire USA in this style, crop any portion for a regional wall map, add counties! Call for prices.

"Getting Back to Texas" State Map - detailed state map with special features

Los Angeles Metropolitan Region wall map

California Wall Map A full state map with topographic relief and detailed city and National Park inset maps.
San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco Bay Area
Chicagoland Regional Wall Map
Chicagoland Regional Wall Map

Antique Style Africa Map Modern Geography in our Antique Style, detailed and up-to-date. This map works at 4', 5', 6' or even larger.
Manhattan Map
MANHATTAN MAP This highly detailed map can be customized to fit your needs, we have the whole island with this level of detail. Take all are just part, remove data, change colors call or email to discuss details.

Kansas City Regional Map
Colorado State Map
Colorado State Map

Baghdad, Iraq overview map circa 2002

It's hard to find a good Wall Map showing all of Alameda, CA, we have other small towns too, just ask!
New Mexico State Map
New Mexico State Map

Large Australia centric world map

Retro-style world map


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