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Educational Insights Classroom Poster World Map with Flags by Eureka Cartography

Educational Insights Sea Search game, maps by Eureka Cartography

Portfolio: World Maps

World maps are useful in a variety of scales from small logos to wall-size displays. World maps may include detailed content  - countries, cities, water bodies, mountain ranges, etc. or simple land/water shapes for a sophisticated design statement. The look of the map may be elegant, antique, fun, authoritative or anything in between, depending upon the purpose of the map. Eureka has a number of world maps which clients may use as a starting point. Or, for specialized content, map projection or perspective, we can develop a complete custom world map.

World maps vary in map projection, scale, "centering" (which defines the longitude bisecting the map), distortion and shape. Our mapmakers can recommend an ideal world base map to fit your needs. Clients have used our world maps on the surface of conference tables, in office lobbies, on marketing posters and gameboards, in textbooks, websites and reference books...and even on an umbrella and a shower curtain. World maps are excellent for quickly communicating company offices, client locations, project sites, transit routes, specialized regions, time zones and just about any other geographic data.

Click on images from the gallery below
to see samples of world maps created for Eureka's clients.

World wall map in antique style with parchment color oceans

Detailed world map in soft colors

World map using 18th century style with current geography

World Map available in Dutch, German and French

This colorful political World Map features bathymetry. The aspect ratio on this map is a convenient 2:1

World map showing organization locations

Large Australia centric world map

World Map centered on Australia

World Map for Little Passport

World Map with just country names

French World Map

Dutch World Map

Corporate World locations

Antique style detailed political world map

World map poster - diversity

Retro-style world map

World map showing flow of human genes

World map with subtle coloration

World map in eight colors

World map - hazard and risk data

World Map with 1 graticule: We can make any world map you can imagine, just pick what's important to you.

Jesuit High Schools in the World

World Map for a shower curtain


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